Method of Sale? The choice is yours.....

Once you have decided to sell, we need to consider the best way to achieve the result you are looking for. There are two main methods for marketing your home, and Burswood Peninsula Real Estate is experienced in both. All we need to do is decide which one best suits your home and your personal needs.

Auction – going, going, gone.....!

Sale by auction can be very effective, creating a high level of interest and excitement from buyers than can not only lead to a successful sale, but also achieving an excellent sale price.

Your home is marketed extensively for four to six weeks with an advertising campaign designed to generate strong interest from prospective buyers. On the day of auction, you set a reserve price, being the minimum you will accept. If bidding does not reach your expectations, you decide whether or not you sell. If bidding goes above the reserve price, our auctioneer will sell it to the highest bidder. It’s as easy as that!

With an auction, there’s no “cooling off” period – when your property is sold, it’s sold and a deposit is normally paid on the day. A Buyer’s finance is arranged prior to the auction, eliminating lengthy delays and the possibility of the sale falling through. A contract is signed on the day and Buyers cannot withdraw from their obligation.

When you auction your property, you are in complete control of the situation at all times. You can accept an offer prior to auction, sell on auction day or sell later by negotiating with prospective Buyers that have been generated through the marketing campaign.

Private Treaty

This method is the one most commonly used in Perth. Basically, you nominate us as your agent for a designated period of time and set the selling price you’d like to achieve. We then implement the agreed marketing plan and show prospects through your home by appointment or on Home Open days.

Burswood Peninsula Real Estate’s sales representatives are skilled negotiators and enjoy a high level of success using the Sale by Private Treaty method.

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