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A Tenancy Agreement

A Tenancy Agreement allows a tenant to take ‘possession’ for a limited time. Certain conditions apply including the payment of rent.

The Agreement is a legally binding contract. Both agree to abide by the conditions of the Agreement. Make sure you read the Agreement in full and familiarise yourself with the conditions.

Once you sign the agreement, you will receive a copy so that you have a record to each party’s rights and responsibilities.

Rental Bond

A rental bond is paid by a tenant as a form of security against breaches of the Tenancy Agreement. The amount paid is:

  • Four weeks rent for unfurnished premises.
  • Pet bond of $260.00 if Owner permits pets on the premises.

You will sign a bond lodgement form to be lodged with the Bond Administrator. If all is in order when you leave, the agent will sign a bond disposal form allowing the bond to be refunded to you. If all or part of the bond is to be paid to the landlord (for cleaning or repairs), and you agree to the amount deducted, you should sign the form claiming any repayment owing.


The Agreement expressly forbids pets in the property without the landlords consent. Advise your agent if you have a pet and do not attempt to conceal it.


The Tenancy Agreement will start the date on which your tenancy commences. You will be required to pay rent from that date even if you move in at a later date. If you require to vacate before the Agreement is due to end, contact your agent who will endeavour to help you.

Condition Report

This report is a record of an inspection showing the condition of the property at the beginning of your tenancy. Any differences should be reported immediately. A copy is to be checked off by you and returned within 14 days of your tenancy commencing, failing to return will lead to a final inspection carried out against the original unamended report.

and Keys

Alterations such as changing locks and keys must not be done without written consent of the landlord or agent. It is a good idea to ensure you have a spare key in the event you are locked out.


Your right is to occupy the premises without unreasonable interferences from the landlord or agent. However, they do have the right to inspect the premises or carry out repairs. They may show the property to prospective tenants after you have given notice to vacate, or to show prospective buyers if the property is put up for sale.


Rent is to be paid in advance. If you allow overdue payments to mount, the landlord or agent has the right to terminate your agreement.


The Agreement requires that notice must be given before vacating a property. Before leaving, make sure the property is clean. Inside of windows, blinds and walls should be clean. Give particular attention to the stove, oven/griller. Pay special attention to cleaning the bathroom and leave all appliances in good working order. Organise carpets to be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner and supply a receipt to the agent.

of premises

Your agreement requires that you do not damage the property and that you keep it clean and tidy. Do not fix posters and pictures to walls or make alterations to the premises without the consent of the landlord or agent.

and gardens

If you have a garden, you will be required to keep the lawns and gardens tidy and free from rubbish and weeds. This includes mowing, watering and fertilizing to keep the gardens and lawns in good order.


If the property has a swimming pool it is your responsibility to maintain the pool. This includes maintaining the chemical balance in the water and keeping the pool clean. You must report any faults or maintenance to the agent immediately. The outlay for chemicals is the tenant’s responsibility.

Upon vacating the property you are required to obtain a written pool report stating the condition of the pool not more than 1 day old.


Advise the agent immediately of any loss, damage or defect in the premises, no matter how it was caused. You are responsible for repairs or damage caused by your carelessness, negligence or failure to observe the conditions of the Tenancy Agreement.

In other circumstances, the agent will arrange for repairs at the landlords expense if it affects your use of the property.

The tradesperson will contact you direct to arrange a time to attend to the repairs at the property.

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Alinta Gas 13 13 58 Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm
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