Vacating Guide

Please use this checklist when you vacate a property in order to save time and maximise your bond refund. It is expected that tenants leave the property in the same or improved condition as at the commencement of their tenancy.

  • Overall, the property is to be left in a clean and tidy condition, both internally and externally.
  • Carpets are to be professionally cleaned using a licensed carpet cleaner. A receipt is to be provided when handing back the keys. Please vacuum the carpet first for best results.
  • Floor tiles and vinyl must be swept and cleaned, including grouting
  • All windows are to be cleaned to the same standard as they were at the lease commencement, as stated in the Property Condition Report.
  • All interior walls to be washed down and marks removed, paying particular attention around light switches, power points and door frames, and where furniture has rested against walls
  • Damage to walls should be professionally repaired and repainted
  • Window tracks and sills should be cleaned.
  • Dust all skirting boards, ledges and door frames
  • Wash all light shades and replace any globes which are blown.
  • Clean shelves, drawers and cupboard doors in kitchen, laundry and bathrooms
  • Wash curtains, dust vertical and Venetian blinds
  • Window tracks to be vacuumed and washed, flyscreens cleaned and intact
  • Exhaust fans, range hoods and air conditioning filters to be free of dust and grease
  • Ovens, stove tops and dishwashers including filters and grills to be cleaned
  • Bathrooms to be thoroughly cleaned. Shower recess and bathroom tiles to be free of grime and mould and soap scum removed. Toilets cleaned inside and out, including the pedestal
  • Clean the back and front of all doors, paying particular attention around the handles and along the sides
  • Lawns are to be mowed and edges cut. All weeds and grass to be removed from between pavers. Garden beds to be free of weeds and plants pruned. Any plants that have died are to be replaced. All garden rubbish to be removed.
  • Garage, sheds, storerooms and driveways to be clean, free of rubbish, cobwebs and oil stains
  • Reticulation working and all sprinklers operational and intact
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside the property as well as inside
  • Council bins should be emptied and left in a clean condition
  • Driveways, verandas, courtyards and pathways to be swept
  • Oil stains to be removed from garage/carport and driveways
  • Swimming pools are to be cleaned, filled and chemically balanced
  • Any damage caused during your tenancy should be professional repaired
  • If you have a pet, you must bring a receipt for fumigation of the property in to out office when you bring in your keys.

In addition:

  1. Please ensure that your rent is paid up to your final vacating date
  2. Provide our office with your forwarding address and contact numbers
  3. Return all keys to our office
  4. Arrange disconnection of electricity, gas and telephone
  5. Redirect mail to your new address, as we cannot take responsibility for forwarding your mail

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